Chapman Fleet

CE purchases only essential equipment and regularly updates these items. There is no point owning a whole lot of equipment which is outdated or not working properly. Old and inefficient items are not in keeping with our company’s approach to health and safety. Hamilton tractor cranes are the only historic items in the fleet, however, these are no longer being manufactured and are maintained meticulously as they were an excellent crane.

List of equipment we have:

  • Liebherr 120T mobile Crane
  • 70T Tadano rough terrain crane
  • Nissan TG 500E Tadano Crane
  • P&H 250 25T Mobile Crane
  • Franna 14T mobile Crane
  • Franna 18T mobile crane
  • Hamilton 10T mobile Crane- 2 units
  • TOA 3T mini crane
  • Snorkel- 21m reach
  • Hydralada Maxi 802- 4 units
  • JLG Scissor lift- 6m
  • Scania Tractor unit
  • 13m Trombone trailer
  • 13m flat deck- 2 units
  • 13m trailer