CE Machinery

1ABCM- 1250/ 3D Coping Machine

This machine is designed exclusively for “burning” structural steel, producing weld prep, cut-off, compound miters, openings for web penetrations, copes. Blocks, notches, rat holes, flange thinning, castellation, haunches, beam splitting, and more. The machine primarily consists of three oxy fuel Victor torches (one for each flange and one for the web), mounted on a frame with a roller feed drive. The torches can be programmed to move along with the roller feed to create any of the above listed “burns”.

2FDB2500/ 3A

This machine is used for drilling, cutting and marking of flat plate. The drill, torches and marker travel from side to side (Y-axis). The plate is positioned by a full width roller controlling the feed axis (A-axis). Position can be programmed for any selected combination of drilling, marking, and cutting. The drive mechanism permits you to program material to be processed from the leading edge to 10 inches from the trailing edge. This plate “drop off” is the result of the physical distance between the drive roll and the tool location.

3Ocean Clipper

This machine is designed exclusively for the fabrication of products known as “clips” for the fabrication industry according to AISC standards. The machine consists of a shear along with one drilling spindle in line with a single punch. The Ocean Clipper creates holes in both legs of structural angles and shears it to length.

4bPCD 1100/ 3C ATC

This machine is used for cutting, high- speed drilling machine is designed exclusively for drilling and marking structural beams, flat stock, channel, rectangular tubing, and angle. The machine consists of three drilling axes, each having 1 spindle per axis. Each drill spindle has a 5 station automatic tool changer which supplies it with the required tools. The spindle can be programmed for any selected drill or drill combination to produce holes or layout marks at the desired locations. The roller feed drive mechanism allows maximum utilization of materials, in that you may program the machine to process material from lead to trailing edge.

The Peddiwriter is a CNC structural steel marking machine that utilized Hypertherm ArcWriter plasma technology to produce layout marks on four sides of a structural profile.